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Whian Whian Falls – A Northern Rivers Natural Wonder.

Posted on January 6, 2015 at 7:45 AM Comments comments (666)
Whian Whian Falls – A Northern Rivers Natural Wonder...

Just outside the town of Dunoon in the Northern Rivers, NSW there is a stunning oasis that is known as, Whian Whian Falls. Like most, it isn’t signposted very well signposted and to get there you drive through Dunoon, take a left hand turn down Whian Whian Road.

Not far down that road, at the bottom of a hill and across the bridge, there is a parking area on the left seemingly in the middle of nowhere. It is a little hard to miss, especially if there is a tour bus parked there as was the case on the day I visited. There is a well worn walking track along a fence line that leads down to the falls and only takes just a minute or two. Always incredibly popular, there was a large group of about twenty other people enjoying the spot with swimmers, photographers and onlookers, all soaking up the incredible beauty of this stunning place.

I couldn’t resist and took advantage, snapping
a couple of shots.

There are plenty of fresh water around
and shallow pools for waders and frolickers,
so everyone can have a little fun.

Put aside a few hours and make the trip out to
Whian Whian falls to see for yourself,
one of the Northern Rivers natural wonders.

Word of warning: people have been badly injured jumping at the falls. Do so at your own risk.