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Bexhill Brickworks

Posted on December 29, 2014 at 10:08 PM Comments comments (372)
Bexhill, established in the early 19th century, was the central point of the early North Coast of New South Wales. In the 19th century Bexhill was known as Baldhill. Bexhill's early production was red cedar logging and its close proximity to Boat Harbour made the floating of logs an easy task during flood waters. As the Red Cedar industry started to dwindle, the Bexhill Brick works was established and it produced many of the bricks for the far north coast. It closed down towards the end of the 1990s, unable to keep up with the production of bricks from Coffs Harbour and Newcastle. 

Today it is located on Crown land and the quarry has over the years, filled with water. The NSW Department of Lands have fenced its perimeter and additional warning signs have been erected.
Water quality tests by Lismore’s SCU-based Environmental Analysis Laboratory, suggest the water is high in acid, magnesium, aluminium and the chemical analysis of the water by Southern Cross University reveals swimmers are putting themselves at risk. It is understood the bright blue colour comes from copper in the disturbed clay and the origin of the acidity and metals is due to an acceleration of natural processes similar to the acid sulphate soils in this region releasing acid and metals.

A beautiful sight with its cobalt blue water and dramatic cliff face makes the swimming hole hard to resist on a hot day.