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Browns Creek Rehabilitation Stage 1

Posted on December 29, 2014 at 9:53 PM Comments comments (723)
Browns Creek Rehabilitation Stage 1 - 10 years on and thriving...

In Lismore, New South Wales today, most people would travel over Browns Creek without knowing it was there, especially if they were going over the track from Richmond Lane car park to Zadoc Street. On most maps of Lismore it does not appear. However, it has a long history and so does the family who gave its name to the creek.

Browns Creek was a part of the natural drainage system of Lismore. It ran from below the New Ballina Cutting, down Orion Street, across the area now occupied by Lismore Caravan Park, over Dawson and Zadoc Streets, down Keen Street and across to Molesworth Street, where it entered the main river system just above the old Northern Star Building. Today the majority of Browns Creek is contained by large drainage pipes and mostly covered by roadway and car park.

There is however a section of Browns Creek where the cement drain has been removed and replaced with natural creek system utilizing native trees, grasses and aquatic plants that improve storm water quality naturally, improve habitat and visual amenity. Browns Creek is named after Henry Johnson Brown who arrived in Australia with his sister in 1840.